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Why #MelanieMartinezIsOverParty is Trending and Why It Matters

December 8, 2017

If you’re an adamant user of Twitter, you may have noticed that Melanie Martinez has been trending for quite a while now. So what happened? Has she released a new song? Announced a new relationship? She’s actually been exposed as a sexual assaulter. Her former best friend, Timothy Heller has accused her of rape. When I wrote this story about my assault, I initially wasn’t going to make the abuser. But I think it’s important for you all to know this is…

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A Waste Of My Time Er, Space. A Waste of Space Review.

November 21, 2017

Over the past few months, I developed an unease with rating books despite not finishing them, which is the only reason that this book doesn’t have a Goodreads star rating. If you’re interested in why it makes me uncomfortable, let me know and I’ll make a blog post about it! Anyway, despite not giving the book a rating, I can tell you that it really wasn’t all that great. If it had to have a rating, I would probably give…

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Woah, Some Authors Actually Noticed Me?

November 15, 2017

Occasionally, not often, someone will take out their phone, tap on all the little keys and find it in themselves to tweet at me. Sometimes these tweets written by complete strangers do make me a little sad (if you have something to say, say it to my face or at least pop into my DMs) but they’re generally lovely people saying lovely things. Once or twice, they’ve been well known or famous lovely people saying lovely things. This is a post on…

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October Wrap Up

November 8, 2017

I’ve missed the 1st of November by 8 days. What does that tell you about my time management skills? Nothing good I’m assuming. Anyway, here’s everything that happened last month and then some. → Books Read ← Look at Me by Jennifer Egan. I found out about the author when someone recommended The Hold to me. That probably wasn’t the book you were expecting me to mention. I believe that she’s well known for her book Visit From the Goon Squad…

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A Very Sweetbitter Experience with A Book by Stephanie Danler

November 5, 2017

This is a review of an ARC and some things might have changed in the real copy ★★★★☆ A lush, raw, thrilling novel of the senses about a year in the life of a uniquely beguiling young woman, set in the wild, alluring world of a famous downtown New York restaurant. “Let’s say I was born when I came over the George Washington Bridge…” This is how we meet unforgettable Tess, the twenty-two-year-old at the heart of this stunning first…

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Do These 3 Things Worry You Too?

October 30, 2017

I’m an anxious person. There has never, and I don’t think there ever will be a day where my heart doesn’t beat a little too fast in response to something or I don’t freeze for a couple of seconds in worry. Now, people have said (I have realised) that sometimes it’s useful to talk about these things that worry you. It’s especially helpful when you don’t need to reply to someone asap (aka online) but can take time to think…

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Donald Trump Takes On Fan Favourites

October 26, 2017

The twitter interactions of Donald Trump haven’t been very consistent with his title of the president of the United States. He often uses it to insult, ridicule or get angry at someone for no apparent reason. To be completely honest, it kind of reminded me of some entertainment critics. Through jumbled pathways and curving lanes, this is where we’ve ended up – me trying to replicate the tweets of Donald Trump and apply them to pop culture shows or movies.…

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A Satisfactory List of Some Pretty Awesome Podcasts

October 22, 2017

I adore podcasts. They’re the perfect mix between audiobooks and songs, not too long but full of content that can actually teach you something without you having to infer anything. You can listen to them on the commute to work, a solitary shopping session when you have no one to talk to or when talking the dog for a walk. Pop one on, and it’s like there’s another person going through the same thing as you. Podcasts only started to…

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Save Money By Buying Yourself Gift Cards

October 18, 2017

I think of my debit card as a necessary enabler. Without it, I wouldn’t really be able to buy anything online but with it, I spend a little too much. This gross overspending is something that very quickly goes out of control as often, the numbers on my bank records don’t seem quite as real as cold, hard cash – and that’s a problem. It makes it hard to save money. Not only that, but the process of taking money…

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