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A Rant About Carousell’s Community

September 18, 2017

Hate is a strong word. I don’t use it very much in my everyday life, so you know that I’m getting serious when I start throwing it around. The Carousell community is something that I hate (kind of). However, I would like to point out that, while I’m going to have a little rant about the community on Carousell, I don’t have a problem with the people who run it. Just some of the people who use their application.


Snap, List, Sell – Create free listings to sell your stuff in 30 seconds. Shop new, thrift and vintage from your iPhone and Android!

Carousell was created to solve the problem of having too much uncleared clutter around us. We wanted to create a simple, intuitive and fuss-free way to declutter homes and lives and, in the process, make buying and selling from a mobile phone an irreplaceable part of everyday life. Snap, list, sell. 30 seconds is all it takes to get started with your new favourite app!

Download the app here –> carousell.com/s/joinsg

For more info on how to get in touch with our team, please check out contact.carousell.com


If you’re still not quite sure about what Carousell is, it’s like eBay. Only for Singapore. You can sell your second-hand goods, you can set up your own little business on it, or you can even list things that you technically don’t even have. This is known as the phenomenon of pre-ordering.

I don’t have a problem with the action itself. Personally, I think that the entire idea is very smart! You don’t have to spend any money prior to someone being interested in your item, and you get a profit in the end. The thing that I have a problem with, is when people claim to be ordering from a branded company, Brandy Melville or something along those lines, but in reality – are ordering in fakes.

Of course, there isn’t any way to prove that these things are fake. Individuals can spot it, sure, if they themselves are aware of the photos that vendors selling fakes consistently use but others who might not be as street savvy are getting scammed. The company itself can’t do anything about it, but I just think that it’s a shitty thing to do.


Another shitty thing that happens is when people leave you hanging on a purchase. Maybe they’ve said that they’re interested in something, but then don’t reply to you after that first line that they send you or maybe they’ve asked five questions and then mention that it isn’t quite right for them. That’s kind of annoying. However, something I find even more annoying is the overreaction that occurs from some of the people who are the recipients of these individuals.

Publically naming and shaming them? Telling other people that they’re fucking morons? Like honey, please sit the fuck down. Reading a ‘hello! I’m interested’ takes about three seconds. Three fucking seconds. Not continuing to communicate doesn’t warrant humiliation, shaming or name calling. If other people are interested in your product, just sell it to them. You don’t need a definitive ‘no’ from a customer who hasn’t been active for days.

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There is no sense of empathy in some accounts! I know that some of them are kids, and don’t quite have the amount of worldly experience that they should have but they need to understand that other people have lives as well. They can’t be on their phones 24/7 and sometimes, situations come up where they can’t buy whatever is being sold. Sure, it might be a little annoying when that happens, but guess what? It happens to everybody. I, myself, have had that happen to me at least 60+ times in my year in using the app. Grow up and move on.

Something similar, that I find a little ridiculous, is the ‘backout’ fee that some people have. Some sellers insist that, if the customer changes their mind, they pay the entire fee for the item. I just don’t see the logic in that. Yes, maybe the customer has been irritating and dragged the deal on for a long time – but they really aren’t under any obligation to buy something. It would be like spending two hours in a shop, trying to leave and then being told that you can’t leave until you buy something. Imagine the backlash that it would cause!

I suppose we’ve now come to the realisation that what I hate, what I truly hate about the community, is the lack of empathy / customer service that so many of the sellers have. Oh, and please note that this isn’t a rant borne from being a bad customer myself. I sell more than I buy, and I enjoy what I do. It just makes me so incredibly frustrated when I see sellers on the platform complain about minuscule things. Sigh


A rant about online selling. Do you have any bad experiences? Leave them in a comment below.



Do you sell online too? What memorable experiences (good or bad) have you had? If you use carousell and want an alternative, check out Barterli (ps this is totally sponsored, but I actually love their service sooo)

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