A Waste Of My Time Er, Space. A Waste of Space Review.

November 21, 2017

Over the past few months, I developed an unease with rating books despite not finishing them, which is the only reason that this book doesn’t have a Goodreads star rating. If you’re interested in why it makes me uncomfortable, let me know and I’ll make a blog post about it! Anyway, despite not giving the book a rating, I can tell you that it really wasn’t all that great. If it had to have a rating, I would probably give it something like a 2 or a 2.5.


Cram ten hormonal teens into a spaceship and blast off: that’s the premise for the ill-conceived reality show Waste of Space. The kids who are cast know everything about drama—and nothing about the fact that the production is fake. Hidden in a desert warehouse, their spaceship replica is equipped with state-of-the-art special effects dreamed up by the scientists partnering with the shady cable network airing the show. And it’s a hit! Millions of viewers are transfixed. But then, suddenly, all communication is severed. Trapped and paranoid, the kids must figure out what to do when this reality show loses its grip on reality.


It’s not a necessarily bad thing if someone is constantly drunk and quite slutty, but it’s a little far-fetched to have them only be defined by those two things and unfortunately, this book falls under the spell of having stock characters as it’s main drivers. Alongside the party girl, we have the rich asshole kid and the ‘country bumpkin farm boy’. I suppose that the book could be interpreted as satire, but it honestly seemed like the author was only half trying to make their characters into something; so they get stuck in between caricature and character.


The plot is half decent, but the characters are just too whiny and full of themselves to truly appreciate what is going on. Perhaps it might have worked a little better if there was something that would draw the reader’s sympathy, but nada. I hated everyone. Even the people I’m assuming that we were supposed to like (we’re always supposed to like the quiet shy people), feel a little flat to me. I mean, I liked the idea of the storyline – it reminds me of the film 400 days which I actually enjoyed, but the movie honestly did it better. Oh yeah, and the movie has 4.5 stars out of 10 on IMDb so there you go. Bleurgh.


Interesting idea, but a disappointing portrayal of said idea. It could be interesting if you’re into whiny characters though! Don’t rule it out completely.

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