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Donald Trump Takes On Fan Favourites

October 26, 2017

The twitter interactions of Donald Trump haven’t been very consistent with his title of the president of the United States. He often uses it to insult, ridicule or get angry at someone for no apparent reason. To be completely honest, it kind of reminded me of some entertainment critics.

Through jumbled pathways and curving lanes, this is where we’ve ended up – me trying to replicate the tweets of Donald Trump and apply them to pop culture shows or movies. Let me know how accurately you think I transcribed these down in the comments below!

Stranger Things (179)

Three brave children deport illegal aliens. Unfortunate that the legal alien had to go as well. Probably for the better. God bless America!

American Horror Story (172)

Fake news. They fail to mention my achievements and decide to focus on childish clowns. Is this what the left has resorted to? Sad.

Teen Wolf (176)

Do you believe it? People expect us to feel sad that this illegal alien has gone! An unregistered werewolf has no place in our America.

Captain America: Winter Soldier (175)

Honoured to be standing next to this American hero. You see Little Rocket Man? THIS is true power. You won’t be around for much longer!

Jessica Jones (122)

Manages to save lives while looking wonderful. I bet she would make a great wife.

(spoilers) Game of Thrones (151)

The loser Mother of Dragons didn’t tell Queen Cersei that one of her dragons had died… apologise for untruth!


Do you think that I captured the essence of his tweets? There’s so much material, that it’s hard to know whether I’m getting him.

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